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Can Crusher

Can crusher reviews and information to help you find the best devices.

If you’re looking for a can crusher, you’ll be making a wise move in doing some research before you buy one.  There are many options out there available for sale, as you’ve probably seen.

The key to finding the best can crusher is finding one that’s sure to last you for a long time.  Let’s face it.  Anything applying pressure to something as strong as aluminum is likely to wear down over time.

Avoid these problems by finding a can crusher that holds up well to pressure.  The last thing you want to do is to find yourself having to buy another can crusher in a few years, and this seems to be the biggest gripe that owners will generally have with these devices.

With that in mind, the wisest thing to do is to shop around online and read the reviews that other owners of these products may share.  You’d be shocked at the valuable feedback you can get by doing such a thing.  Go with something that an overwhelming majority of owners are happy with, and you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

You’ll probably want an aluminum can crusher, as most cans are made of aluminum and 12 ounces in size, though some people may have other preferences if they’re using heavier duty cans.  Assuming you’re just looking to crush your standard soda can, this will be more than enough.

Most people end up mounting their can crushers to their walls.  This not only gives you easy access to the entire process, but it serves as a reminder any time you’re done with a drink.

Some people prefer an automatic can crusher, as this requires a little less physical effort.  Others go so far as using an electric can crusher to make the process one step easier.  Should you be in the market for either of these, be prepared to spend a little extra money relative to the cost of an easy pull can crusher.

If you’re buying one for a commercial setting, you may want to consider an industrial can crusher that handles multiple cans at once.  There are some that can crush six cans at a time, and others even more so.  Generally speaking though, those who need one for household use will probably be fine with a single can crusher.

The cost of can crushers can range anywhere from $6 on the low end, up to hundreds of dollars for the highest end, heaviest duty automatic versions of the product.  Generally speaking though, the median cost of one that’s intended for households should be somewhere around $20 or $30 per unit, depending on the quality of that unit.

You may also want to buy a storage device for your can crusher, as this can kill two birds with one stone.  These are usually sold separately, though most popular models have recommended add-ons in this regard.

The last thing that you’ll want to look for is an adequate warranty.  Some are as low as 30 days, and others for a year and more.  The longer the warranty the better, though positive customer feedback about the product’s longevity can override that.