5 Benefits of Having a Can Crusher

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There are substantial benefits to investing in a can crusher to have on site at your business.  You will see a huge difference in the way waste cans are disposed of, financially and practically. Staff will have an easier time handling waste cans with a crusher as opposed to bins, which are impractical for handling voluminous waste types like cans, tins and drums. By reducing the size of each can with a crusher, this means bins take much less to fill, which can reduce bin quantities and collection costs. Your business will also lower its carbon footprint thanks to the can crusher.


5 key benefits to having a can crusher are as follows:

  1. Can crushers are very simple machines to use. Any member of staff can be trained to use them effectively and safely. The risk of injury is virtually none.


  1. A can crusher is the ideal machine to help lower can waste costs. The aim of a crusher is to reduce the volume of cans, at a ratio of 5:1. This allows for fewer bin collections, which are costing more and more each year, as the government cracks down on unnecessary waste heading to landfill. You may currently send your cans to landfill or a recycler collects them as whole cans. Unnecessary wastes qualifies as recyclables like cardboard, polythene plastics, glass and metal cans, all of which should not be landfilled. There are metal can recyclers who would be happy to empty bins full of crushed cans and take them away for a price nowhere near as costly as what a waste management business would charge – or the current recycling cost will decrease thanks to fewer bins and much lower volumes. Bin collections usually occur on a set day every week or every two weeks, which can often mean one or more bins, not being full. Emptying half full bins is simply a waste of money, half the bin is waste and the other half, fresh air.


  1. By reducing can volumes 5:1, this allows for bins to be removed, saving space for your business. You may be using for example, four bins to contain whole cans at present. Crushing these will probably allow for three of these bins to be removed. If you are a small business then these space savings will be significant for you. It is not uncommon for businesses to transform this space into a more worthwhile area, such as somewhere for staff or customers to sit.


  1. Bins are normally situated in a designated outdoor area away from the working area. This requires one or more members of staff stopping work while they walk to the waste area and back again. Performing this mundane task several times a week, halts labour and proves a distraction. Using just one bin means it can almost certainly be located next to a can crusher, as the footprint of both will not be overly big. Both can stand close to the workspace, which prevents these long walks and staff members can concentrate on their jobs.


  1. Uncrushed recyclable metal cans will often overflow into the general waste stream due to their high volume. They will then be sent to landfill when they enter the general waste, which is not environmentally friendly. Crushing the cans means it is highly unlikely any will overflow into the general waste. By the time crushed cans have almost fill a bin, a recycling collection will have taken place. Reducing waste sent to landfill will highly increase your business’ green credentials, as will removing bins and having a tidier waste area. Government inspectors and customers will be impressed knowing your business puts in the time and effort to reduce its carbon footprint, which is becoming increasingly important in the world of business.

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