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Beer Keg Cooler

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There are various ways to purchase beer and while smaller containers such as bottles and cans are typically more common, it is also possible to buy larger beer kegs. Those that make home brew can also store the finished product in kegs and while it is a good way to have beer available, it is not as easy to keep cool as it is typically too large to keep in a refrigerator. However if you want to keep beer in a keg at a refreshing temperature to drink a beer keg cooler is an option to consider.

A beer keg cooler is a usually a simple device that is large enough to store a keg inside and serves a couple of purposes. Its primary use is to keep the beer in the keg at a cool temperature and ready to drink. However most coolers for beer kegs can also be used as a dispenser and a pump system is generally included to serve the beer. They are typically a little larger than a beer keg and can easily be stored in a kitchen or bar area in a home as a simple way of keeping beer in a keg ready to serve whenever you feel like a glass.

Buying beer in a keg can be a convenient and affordable way to have a supply of beer in your home. If you prefer this way of having beer available, then a beer keg cooler can be a useful device to have. There are a few devices on the market with the Sudsbuddy being an example of this. This is a portable, lightweight cooler that is capable of holding a half keg of beer. It can be used to both cool and dispense beer and includes a digital display that shows how many 12oz glasses of beer are left in the keg. This keeps you aware of how much beer you have left such that you can easily order more when supplies are running low. The Sudsbuddy can be used indoors but also is fitted with a cigarette lighter adaptor such that it can be used in outdoor locations if you want to have this capability. It comes in a few different colors and can be found for sale in retailers such as Keg World for a cost of around $1,000.

Other types of beer keg cooler available on the market include the Sanyo BC-1206 Beer Cooler Keg Cooler. This can be found for sale at around $660 and is designed for home use. It can both cool and dispense beer, is considered to be energy efficient and comes set up with a drip tray which can be removed for easy cleaning of the equipment.

If you decide to purchase a beer keg cooler, they can be found for sale in a number of locations. Walmart’s online operations have a few available for sale and these include models from manufacturers such as Haier and Danby. In-store locations include retailers such as Best Buy and they have both mini and full size coolers for beer kegs with the cost for these ranging from around $200 for the mini sizes to $1,000 for the full size models.

Buying beer in kegs can be a cost effective way to provide yourself with a decent supply of beer at a more affordable cost. If you decide to do this, having a beer keg cooler will ensure the beer is kept cool at all times. The cooler also acts as a dispenser and this makes sure the beer is readily available whenever you feel like having a drink.