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How to Make a Can Crusher With Home Supplies

Can crusher reviews and information to help you find the best devices.

Making your own can crusher is a great way that you can ensure you’re able to take care of your recycling in a really easy way that’s going to make storing crushed cans more conveniently as well.  Recycling is something that everybody needs to be doing, and it’s something that we all really have to take responsibility for.  But you’re going to also find that it’s a practice that often gets ignored.  But you will find that it’s easy to how to make a can crusher at home so that you can be encouraged to recycle, and you probably have everything on hand that’s needed to make one.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to adapt tools that you have now, or if you’re just looking for a creative way that you can turn this into a project to make an actual crusher.  You’re going to find that there are all sorts of cool ways that you can adapt your cans and make it that much easier for you to get them packed up and ready to go so that you can even earn yourself some money back with all the cans that you’re going to be crushing.

1) Stomp on them.

If you’re looking for the easiest method on how to make a can crusher, then this is the easiest way that you’re going to find.  If you have a comfortable and protective pair of boots, then you’re all set with everything that you need already. You’ll find that you’re able to literally just stop on them and with one clean motion you can flatten them like you would do if you had a normal type of can opener.  But of course this takes a lot of work, and can be fairly uncomfortable on your foot, so there are better methods.

2) Making your own wooden crusher.

If you’re just looking for an easy way that you can make your own home can crusher, then a simple wood type is usually your best bet.  For this you really just need two sturdy blocks of wood, and they really don’t have to be that large either.  Here’s how to make a can crusher in a really simple way, that’s only going to take you an hour or so at the very most:

     -Decide which block of wood will be the top and bottom of the device.

That means literally deciding which is your base and which is the actual crushing top piece.  It’s important that you know this, because for the base you’re going to want to install a pad of some sort, or an indent, so that you can keep the can in place throughout the crushing motion.

    -Next you want to attach a hinge so that you can put the boards end to end.

This way you can actually set them up perfectly so that they can open and close onto one another.  So long as they are perfectly end to end it’s going to direct your crushing motion downward as well so that all of your force is going to go right into the can, which is where you want to direct your crushing power.

 -Install a handle at the top of the wood.

This is just going to make it a lot easier for you to open and close the device, so that you can really hammer down on that can.  Some of them can be pretty hard to crush, so make it easy on yourself with the right type of handle to help you out.

-Now just use the device on a sturdy and flat surface.

If you have a workbench or work table, you should be good to go, and you can ensure that you’re able to get through just about anything without too much of an issue.  These are pretty simple, but they work extremely well and can be a lot of fun to make.

3) But when push comes to shove, you can buy them too.

If you feel that how to make a can crusher is just too complicated, time consuming, or you would have to buy supplies anyways, you can always find a good crusher anywhere from Home Depot to Walmart.  Usually they come in under $10, so while they can be a fun project, they are also a cheap device that you can pick up almost anywhere as a second alternative.