It is estimated that around 10 billion aluminium cans are produced in the UK each year, and around 35% of these end up in landfill, despite it being one of the easiest material to recycle. On top of this, waste management businesses which often discard materials such as cans, tins, and drums face yearly tax hikes due to tighter landfill regulations. The result is that businesses which use these types of materials are charged more by waste management businesses to make up for the higher rates of tax imposed by the government.

Can crushers or compactors are an easy solution to these problems as they are able to reduce waste at a ratio of up to 5:1. This means that businesses can essentially discard more of their recyclable materials for less, with the added bonus of it taking up far less space in landfills.

This website was set up to be a source of information to aid in the promotion of more efficient waste management solutions, as we are not currently doing enough.