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Soda Blasting Equipment

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Striping the paint off a building or structure of any kind is always a hassle, and finding a convenient way around trying to do so on hand is a necessity.  With the right type of soda blasting equipment for example, you can make taking that paint off as easy as pointing a hose in the right direction, and the machine will do the job for you.  This works almost in about the same type of way that pressure washing does with the right type of water system. Only soda blasting equipment is usually much more effective and easier to use.  But you do need to have the right type of blaster, as well as safety items so that you can ensure stripping the paint off your building is as easy as possible.

When you’re on the hunt for the right type of soda blasting equipment, you really want to get a better idea of what this type of process actually entails.  You’ll find that the process gets it’s name from the active ingredient that’s actually going to be stripping your paint.  What you’ll literally be using is a form of baking soda, that’s going to cause a reaction that harshly washes and removes just about anything on the surface of an object.  That way you can completely clear out just about all the paint off any surface, and get it ready for repainting in a flash.

Of course you want to choose the right type of soda blasting equipment as well, so you have to have the right one that has the power that you need.  Just like with a pressure washer, you’re going to find that these have different blasting levels, and you want to find a machine that’s not too powerful for the work that you’re going to be doing.  For example, with a sensitive surface like wood, you need to be a bit careful, as too much pressure is going to cause the surface to crack and splinter, which is really going to set back your work quite a ways.  Don’t forget to wear special gloves with any blaster though, as anything with enough pressure to strip paint can probably strip skin as well.

When you’re after the right soda blasting equipment, you’ll also find that there’s a slight negative that comes with using them as well.  Because you’re using a form of baking soda, you’re going to find that it always leaves a residue on the surface after the paint has been cleaned off.  That means you’re actually going to have to wash the surface with a different type of water based equipment after using soda blasting equipment, so that you can get it clear for paint again.  Otherwise the texture will show up in your paint job and really ruin the look.

Of course, when you are looking for the right type of soda blasting equipment, what you’re also going to find is that you want to go shopping in the right place.  That means you want to go looking at major industrial retailers, through shops like, that feature just about any type of major equipment you could need.  That way you can find just the grade of soda blasting equipment that you need for any job.