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Soda Vending Machine

Can crusher reviews and information to help you find the best devices.

A soda vending machine can be a great resource for making quick extra money, in an extremely convenient way.  They require little to no upkeep, and are surprisingly popular.  All you’ll have to worry about is restocking the machine regularly, so that you can ensure that soda is always available to your potential customers.  Plus there are a variety of different types of soda vending machines, so you’re bound to find something perfect for installing on a street corner, or for placing inside a restaurant or business that you operate.

The way in which all soda vending machine models operate is fairly similar.  These machines are capable of storing soda, and refrigerating the cans so that customers can buy cold and fresh drinks using a completely automated system.  Most feature automatic coin authentication machines by which the machine can determine if real currency was used.  This operates as an automatic fraud detection system, so that you can ensure that you are never cut short by thieves looking for a free soda.  Most soda vending machines also feature special panels which can be pressed, so that the soda will actually be chosen inside of the machine, and delivered to the customer.

The first decision that you’ll want to make, will be based upon which type of coin authentication system you would like your soda vending machine to employ.  This is a big decision, as you want a reasonable amount of fraud protection, so that you don’t get ripped off.  The most simply system uses a weight meter that judges the size of the coin, so that it can determine what type of currency, as well as if the coin is legitimate.  But this system can be easily fooled, so you may want to consider the more complicated magnetized system that’s capable of reading the type of coin used using magnets.  This system is much more likely to distinguish real currency from foreign coins, or simply pieces of metal cut to appear like coins.

Another important thing, is choosing the right type of soda vending machine to match the type of soda that you’ll be selling.  In most cases, you’ll be required to pick a brand of soda, especially if you’ll be going through an independent provider.  Sometimes large companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola frown upon their soda being sold together in the same vending machine.  For this reason, you’ll want to find either a Pepsi or Coke vending machine, to fill with products made by the same company.  Plus this also helps advertise the type of drinks that you offer, so that everyone interested in that product can be immediately drawn to the area.

When you’re looking to buy a soda vending machine, the easiest method is to go through Coca Cola or Pepsi, or some other such company, directly.  This way you can have a machine delivered, and all you have to worry about is maintaining it’s regular operation.  Otherwise you can even order your own soda vending machine just by using websites like or