Why You Need to Invest in a Can Crusher

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Can crushers are a superb investment for businesses that rely on a constant flow of cans, tins and drums for manufacturing or food processing. A big quantity of uncrushed cans can lead to problems with cost, space and labour time as well as health and safety issues. Crushing cans down to a fraction of their former size is highly recommended to avoid all these issues.

There are pneumatic and hydraulic can crushers available, both of which can crush cans, tins or drums up to 30 litres in size. Can crushers have a small footprint so they will not get in the way of the working area, which can happen when there are lots of bins in a small working environment. Both machines are very easy to use, any member of staff can be professionally trained to use a can crusher, allowing for more staff flexibility when dealing with waste.

Most businesses use can crushers to save money first and foremost. If cans are getting collected by a waste management business then this is likely to be costing a small fortune. If bin lifts are happening on a weekly or fortnightly basis then each bin full of cans will be charged a set price. The problem here is there might be three can bins, two of which are full and one which is a quarter full. This means the quarter full bin is costing the same as the full bins, which is an obvious waste of money. Due to a big clampdown on waste going to landfill, waste management businesses are facing a yearly tax hike from the government. This cost is then transferred on to the customer, which is why it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to only send waste to landfill that is absolutely necessary. If there is a way the waste can be recycled then this should now be happening. There are metal recyclers in the UK who will collect crushed cans for a fee far cheaper than a bin collection. You will be able to organise a regular visit from the recycler just like you would with a waste management company.

Recycling your cans is also a much greener method of metal waste disposal. Businesses are always looking at ways to increase their green credentials and recycling is one of the simplest ways to do this. Only sending necessary waste to landfill not only costs less but shows commitment to helping the environment. During routine workplace inspections, presenting your recycling system will get a big tick from the inspector. There is also the opportunity to showcase green credentials online, which will be an attractive characteristic of your business for customers and fellow companies. As a follow on from decreasing waste management collections, the amount of time bin lorries with high carbon emissions spend on the road will lessen. That is fewer emissions and less landfilled waste all from a simple swap to recycling – it could not be easier.

By reducing can volumes at a ratio of 5:1, bins take much longer to fill. This means there is no need for multiple bins to store cans anymore. Three or four bins could easily be reduced to just one with crushed cans. This creates a space in the work area, which was not previously there and this produces an opportunity for small businesses in particular for more freedom to walk round or even to convert this space into a smoking or seating area.

Reducing bin numbers also saves time spent handling the waste cans. This is because businesses often situate their waste area away from the main workspace, due to space constrictions and possibly smell. Staff members are therefore required to walk to the bins for waste disposal each time. Cutting bin numbers should allow for a solitary bin to stand under or adjacent to a can crusher. The small footprint of a can crusher allows for it to stand close to the working area and one bin is not going to going to cause space problems in the work area. More labour hours can therefore be dedicated to work rather than the constant distraction of waste disposal as the can crusher will be close by.

There are some superb benefits to getting a can crusher, these will almost certainly be relevant if cans are a key part of a business’ waste system. Once a can crusher is installed, the benefits can be reaped straightaway and staff will be a lot happier using a more efficient can waste system.




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